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CIMAR : Centre for Infertility Management & Assisted Reproduction

The first in vitro fertilisation centre (IVF) of northern Kerala was launched in September 1996 as a project of Edappal Hospitals (P) Ltd, Edappal. In fact, it was the Infertility Division of the Obstetrics & Gynaecology department of this hospital who did pioneering work in endoscopy and related fields which was transformed into CIMAR, when the IVF facilities were added. Naturally CIMAR became the leader in infertility treatment in northern Kerala.

Our Services

  • Fertility

    Infertility is not a disease but a condition where in a particular couple is not able to conceive. Infertility problems in a couple can be due to eith....

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  • Fetomaternal Medicine

    Our FM Unit is unique and probably the first and only unit in South India that combines the fetal medicine experts in India and finesse of high Risk p....

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  • Endoscopic Surgery

    An Endoscopy procedure means looking inside and typically refers to looking inside the body for medical reasons using an endoscope, an instrument used....

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  • High Risk Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and happy phase of women’s life. But for some, especially those with chronic medical conditions or who are....

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  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology

    Being a world class fertility centre, it is needless to say that we also offer excellent obstetric care services ranging from routine to high risk ant....

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  • Neonatology

    Our neonatology department ensures that the precious little one handed over to them goes home safe and sound. Every delivery at CIMAR is conducted in ....

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  • Mind Body Medicine

    Happy and successful marriages are based on mutual respect, understanding, love, care and healthy sexual life. It is all the more important that these....

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  • Genetics

    A fully equipped cyto-genetic lab aids both the FMU and the infertility unit. The genetic lab offers the following services: Genetic Counselling :- ....

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